Introduction to College Programs and Services

For more information about any of our programs and services, please visit the Answer Center on any campus.

Valencia College has a rolling admissions process, meaning we accept new students year-round. Information about admissions, including a checklist of steps to enrollment, is available by clicking here. Important dates and deadlines can be found on the Valencia calendar.

Advanced Placement (AP) and CLEP
Students who transfer AP credit from high school are awarded college credit for specific courses. Students can take CLEP examinations in specific subject areas and earn college credit based on appropriate scores and satisfy degree requirements. Both programs provide accelerated mechanisms for degree completion at Valencia.

Advising and Counseling
Educational advising staff and counselors provide developmental advising which includes life, career and educational planning, interpretation of assessments, strategies to address academic difficulties, programs to develop student success skills, preparation for university transfer, and workforce preparedness. More information can be located by clicking here.

Atlas Access
Atlas Access computer labs are open to assisted prospective students in the enrollment process, and all registered students conducting educational and career related research and planning. Open use includes access to the internet and your Atlas account, with staff on hand to assist. For help with Atlas, browse the Student Atlas How-To, or call the Student Help Desk at (407) 582-5444.

Bridges to Success
Recent high school graduates selected for this program enroll in courses during the summer term as a transition to their first year in college. Students participate in workshops and support services designed to assist with college transition. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for a two-year scholarship at Valencia.

Developmental Courses
Developmental courses help students attain basic skills in reading, English and mathematics so that they have a better chance at success in college-level courses. Valencia offers developmental courses in reading, mathematics, English, and English as a second language for academic purposes.

Honors Program
Students who qualify for the Honors Program and have not yet applied are identified through the New Student Orientation program and offered the opportunity to apply for acceptance. Students enrolled in the Honors Program receive special advising and registration prior to the our regularly scheduled registration period. Honors courses are small and offer in-depth study of subject matter. Honors graduates have special opportunities for transfer scholarships and admission to competitive four-year colleges and universities. Click here for more information.

Learning in Community (LinC)
Students enroll as a cohort into the same set of courses (usually 2 or 3 courses) that are taught collaboratively by faculty who coordinate their syllabi and learning activities. Learning communities support student success through shared support systems and complimentary curricula that enrich the learning experience.

My Career Planner
This career planning tool enables students to make career decisions. This tool guides students through assessments to explore self, majors, and occupations; examine options and then set goals. Students can share their outcomes with the Career Advisors and Counselors.

My Education Plan
This education planning tool enables students to plan their courses for a specific degree at Valencia. Students can save several educational plans and make adjustments to their course loads in order to successfully progress through their degree requirements.

Math and Communications Support Centers
Instructional assistants provide specialized learning systems including computer-based tutorials, supplemental instructional materials, practice assessments, and tutoring to support student success in these academic areas.

New Student Experience
Valencia College provides a coordinated experience for all new students. The New Student Experience includes a required credit-earning course (SLS 1122) and provides and extended orientation to college, integrated student success skills, career and academic advising, which includes the development of an individualized education plan.

New Student Orientation (NSO)
All degree-seeking students are required to attend an orientation session in which the curriculum introduces them to Valencia, core competencies and LIFEMAP, degree options and requirements, support services, and prepares them for registration in first semester courses. Students can register for courses based on an assigned registration time ticket.

PERT Preparation
Incoming students must meet entry placement requirements that may include Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT). Valencia has designed study guides for entering students. General information, study guides, and review sessions can be found by clicking here.

Skillshops are offered to assist students succeed in college and life. These interactive workshops include topics such as time management, stress management, study skills, note taking, math and speech anxiety, career planning, and diversity awareness. More information pertaining to the Skillshops can be found by clicking here.

Student Development
Student Active involvement in events, activities, and organizations outside of class is a key to student success. Student Development facilitates co-curricular and extracurricular experiences student growth and development. Whether it is a club or organization, a work-study position, a leadership series, or a co-curricular certificate The Office of Student Development invites students to explore interests and passions on campus.

Student Handbook
The Student Handbook is the "text" for LIFEMAP. It describes what LIFEMAP is, and provides self-assessments and information to guide students through Life Goals, Career Goals, Educational Plans, Building a Schedule, and Academic Success Skills. College information is provided in the chapter that is relevant to each topic. A weekly calendar provides key college dates and allows students to record their assignments and academic schedule. "To Do" cues are provided each week for students according to their LIFEMAP stage.

Tutoring Centers
Free tutoring is available for students who need additional academic support through one-on-one tutoring in specific courses. Supplemental Instruction models are implemented on some campuses. Tutors who are hired can earn a supplemental income while working on campus.

Valencia Support For additional services and assistance, click here.