Progression to Degree Programs and Services

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Academic Warning System
Students whose grade point average and completion of course rates fall below 2.0 G.P.A. are placed on academic warning or probation and receive special advising intervention and coaching in success strategies to assist them in improving their academic performance. Students who are re-admitted after academic suspension must meet with an Academic Advisor, Career Advisor or Counselor and are required to have their educational plan and to meet with them during the term.

Advising and Counseling
Educational advising staff and counselors provide developmental advising which includes life, career and educational planning, interpretation of assessments, strategies to address academic difficulties, programs to develop student success skills, preparation for university transfer, and workforce preparedness. Click here for more information.

Associate of Art Degrees with Pre-Majors
To assist students with their long-term career plans, Valencia has articulated pre-majors. These pre-major programs are designed for easy articulation into Florida’s State University System. They also facilitate a student’s academic progress through Valencia by providing a well-developed plan of action from term to term.

BayCare Student Assistant Services
Students can access confidential, professional assistance to help resolve problems that affect their personal life and/or college performance. Besides being confidential, this voluntary program is designed for all students to seek help on their own. Credit students can use this service at no charge as the service is funded through the student activity fee.

Career Centers
The Career Center assist students with the opportunity for take assessments and make career decisions. Those students who have already taken the Student Success class may choose to use My Career Planner and My Job Prospects to be sure they are aligned with current skills and training requirements for today’s fast-paced job market. Students may also check current transfer requirements for their chosen University or College.

Core Competencies
As students progress toward their degrees, they are given repeated opportunities to employ Valencia’s Core Competencies - THINK, VALUE, COMMUNICATE, ACT. The goal of the college is to assist students to THINK clearly, critically, and creatively; to analyze, synthesize, integrate, and evaluate in many domains of human life; to make reasoned VALUE judgments and responsible commitments; to COMMUNICATE with different audiences using varied means, and to ACT purposefully, reflectively, and responsibly.

Financial Literacy
The Financial Learning Ambassador Program is a financial literacy program designed to empower Valencia students to improve their personal financial awareness; fostering a life-long road to financial success. Commissioning Valencia College Cohort Default Rate to continuously display a frequency of community, integrity, access, deep stewardship, professional development, civic responsibility, and excellence.

Honors Program
Valencia’s Honors Program provides the academically gifted and highly motivated student with an enriched program of course work and extra-curricular activities. The program focuses on developing the student’s critical thinking skills and helping the student become an independent learner.

Valencia boast one of the largest internship programs in Florida. Each year over 200 employers provide opportunities for more than 500 students in areas ranging from accounting to zoology. To see what opportunities are available, visit our website at:

Leadership Development
The Student Development office fosters the development of leadership skills. The annual Student Leadership Symposium is one opportunity for students from all campuses to explore leadership theories and practices and to interact with each other.

My Education Plan
Valencia College’s web-based education planning tool in Atlas that allows students to plan their degree completion requirements, determine course sequence, and project the time it will take to complete a degree.

My Portfolio
My Portfolio enables students to work with faculty and staff to document mastery of the Core Competencies: think, value, communicate, act. The portfolio enables students to capture demonstrations of learning (via assignments, written work, art work, co-curricular activities) from specific courses and experiences throughout their educational program.

Office for Students with Disabilities
Valencia is committed to ensuring that all its programs and services are accessible to students with disabilities. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides individual assistance to students with documented disabilities based upon the need and impact of a student’s specific disability.

Skillshops are free workshops, or mini courses, that provide real-life solutions to common student issues including financial literacy, improving study habits, managing depression, and dealing with stress.

Student Development
Involvement in campus life outside the classroom is an important component of a well-rounded college experience. Student Development on each campus offers a variety of programs and services. These include: Student Government Association; campus activities; student clubs and organizations; co-curricular programs; student leadership programs; intramural sports and wellness programs; community service programs; campus publicity; and college and community information.

Student Leaders
Peer Educators are student leaders who are recruited for a one-year term to work at Valencia. They assist with office responsibilities, become educators in health and wellness issues, such as alcohol awareness, personal safety, safe sex, and general wellness practices, and serve as ambassadors to the college.

Welcome Team are student leaders who assist with individual tours, orientation tours and assist the Student Development Office with other college-wide activities. They assist students in the Information Station and provide assistance with college-wide and campus events.

Atlas Access Lab leaders are student leaders who assist inside the Atlas Access Labs on each campus.  They assist students with registration, financial aid, and admissions processes.  In addition, they support New Student Orientation by giving the overview of Atlas and support the Student Success classes by presenting the LifeMap Tools introduction.

Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE)
The SAGE Office offers a variety of international learning experiences that will help students live, work and collaborate effectively in a global community. Students can participate in faculty-led, short-term study abroad programs which are for credit and offered during winter, spring or summer break. Students can also elect to enroll in semester or year-long study abroad programs through another educational institution. Financial aid may be used for both course tuition and all program fees related to the program. Click here for more information.

Veteran’s Affairs
The Veteran’s Affairs Office is responsible for providing veterans and their eligible dependents assistance that will enable them to maximize their veteran’s educational entitlement.