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Andy Mobley,  Programmer Analyst, Sr.
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Department: Enterprise Application Services
Location/Mail Code: West Campus 4-12 10-202
Phone: (407) 582-1970

Andy joined the OIT in March of 2008 working on the Banner Student System, continuing his Information Technology career, which started over 20 years ago as a COBOL developer on IBM mainframe computers with AT&T. Swift advances in computer hardware and software development have created many opportunities for Andy to learn new technical languages and solution frameworks, including some of the most advanced technologies like Perl, PL/SQL and Java. Andy graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in Air Commerce technologies and worked in the aviation industry for five years before becoming interested in the rapidly-growing Information Technology industry. His transition from airplane pilot to computer programmer has provided Andy with the instrumentality to explore many far-flung places in the virtual world, while remaining physically grounded on the terra firma of Florida for most of his adult life.



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