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GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar
GoTo Meeting & GoTo Webinar

GoToMeeting Training Sessions

Title: Learning Conversations:  Running Virtual, Collaborative Meetings using GoToMeeting







Maximum Workshop Size: 8 | Minimum Workshop Size: 3

Workshop Purpose:  Attend this session to learn how to use the college’s new application for online meeting solution: GoToMeeting.  Topics covered will be: 1) What is it and how it can be used, (2) how to organize online meetings, (3) how to participate in online meetings, (4) Best Practices, and (5) how to get started.  Come see how this tool can enhance you next meeting! 

Workshop Presenter(s) and Titles(s):
Learning Technology Staff

Workshop Category:
Management and Supervision, Technology, Important General Stuff

Target Audience:
Career, Dept Chairs, Managers

This Workshop is:
Open to all Employees
No Restrictions
No Instructional Materials Needed




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