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Online Audiovisual Course Introductions

Orientation Video Sample Still Shot

With the aid of Camtasia software, our television studio, and other audiovisual creating tools, Valencia faculty members are able to create a personal presence in the online learning environment. Options are plenty. Faculty can select to create a: high-end video class orientation, video lectures with embedded Power Point slides including navigation through webpages, audiovisual presentations with sound and screen captures including course introduction podcasts for learners on the go. Faculty is able to deliver audiovisual interaction, until now, only possible in the classroom.

Faculty Experience with Online Video Orientation

Prof. Angelique Smith: "Having the opportunity to provide a face-to-face interaction with my students in the online environment has brought a sense of connection and intimacy only thought possible in the traditional classroom."

Sample videos

Sample Course Introduction

CTS 1155

Sample Module Introduction


Audio/Video Script Template:

Audio/Video Script Template

Generic Script for Online Video Orientation

Generic Script



Sample Multimedia

Key Points to include:

  • Introduction of the subject area and personal interest in it.
  • Content of course:
    • What to expect
    • Syllabus
    • Calendar
    • Grading
    • How to communicate with each other and instructor.


Tutorial : How to plan your script


Online Audiovisual Orientation: Getting Started:

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