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Valencia Media Server

The LTS department is capable of posting audio and video files, digitizing video, digitizing audio and filming digital video specifically for use in Web-based or mixed mode courses. The media server is specifically for instruction enhancement. The video and audio posted can be used in WebCT, faculty Web sites and smart classroom enhancement.

Below are a list of items to consider:

  1. The media server can stream the following file types: wmv, asf and MP3. A limited amount of space is available on the media server for each project. While no hard and fast limit is imposed, LTS may need to restrict the amount of content stored on the server for a project. In such cases, LTS will collaborate with the principal contact to optimize the balance of project needs and available space.

  2. Material which violates Valencia's acceptable use policies may not be placed on the Media Server and will be removed if discovered. See IT Policies & Procedures for information on Computer Policies and Guidelines articulated by OIT.

  3. Copyright infringement claims will be directed to the Valencia's designated Agent per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.



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