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Kaltura - Video Delivery Platform

There are many new benefits to the Kaltura solution, here are just a few:

Integration with Canvas, including My Media, Media Gallery, and embed tools.

  • Self-service option for uploading videos for both faculty and students.
  • Ability to display captions
  • Ability to upload videos, edit videos, record webcam, or record screencast utilizing a single solution.
  • Ability to view video analytics within Canvas


  • What are Kaltura's Canvas features: My Media, Media Gallery, and Text Editor (PDF)
  • Text Editor Tool for Kaltura in Canvas (PDF)
  • Adding a Video to Kaltura using My Media in Canvas (PDF)
  • Adding a Media Gallery to your Canvas Course (PDF)
  • Adding Captions to a Kaltura Video (Video) (PDF)
  • Adding a Co-Publisher to a Kaltura Video (Video) (PDF)
  • Creating a Webcam Recording in Kaltura (Video) (PDF)
  • How to Download a Video You Own in Kaltura (Video)
  • Student Instructions for adding media using Kaltura in Canvas using the Text Editor (PDF)
  • Kaltura User Manual for Canvas (PDF)
  • CaptureSpace Walkthrough (Video)
  • Interactive Video Quiz Videos
  • If you would like to take advantage of Kaltura's capabilities and currently have videos in YouTube, follow these instructions to download your videos. Once you have the files on your computer, you may upload your videos to Kaltura as shown in the tutorials above.
  • Using Kaltura in Canvas (Videos)
  • Using Kaltura CaptureSpace (Videos)
  • Using Kaltura Video Editing Tools (Videos)
  • Using Interactive Video Quizzes in Kaltura (Videos)

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