What does an online course look like in Blackboard Learn 9.1?

Once you have entered a Blackboard course, you will always be able to see a list of buttons or links down the left hand side of the screen. This is known as the Course Menu. Use these buttons or text links to access and view various areas of the course. Each Course Menu may vary slightly depending on your teacher's preferences. Keep in mind your courses may look a bit different from each other and have different sets of tools available.

Instructors customarily will group related items together under a particular navigation link.  For example, the syllabus, course policies and schedule might be found in a section called Course Overview. Handouts, assignments, and lecture notes might be found under a link titled Lesson One, Chapter Materials, or Course Documents. Within these areas, you will typically find your assigned learning materials in the form of text, graphics, and files. ThumbBB_Student_Movie .png