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Definitions of Alternative Delivery methods

The principle delivery modes of alternative learning courses at Valencia and their respective class schedules descriptions are:

Type of Course Typical Descriptions
Traditional (C) Course with no online technology used – content is delivered in writing or orally.
Web Enhanced/Facilitated(CW) Course which uses web-based technology to facilitate a face-to-face course. Uses a course management system (CMS) or Web pages to post course information.
Hybrid/ Blended (CW) Course that blends online and face-to-face delivery. A certain percentage of course instruction is delivered via electronic means and a certain percentage of instruction is conducted face-to-face. (Some hours are spent in the classroom with the rest being completed online.)
Online (XW) A course where all of the content is delivered online using the college-approved course management System. (All class meetings and coursework occur online**)
** Proctored testing may be required

E.g. a 3 credit/3 contact course students would be required to participate in online activities to meet the contact hour requirement in addition to preparation and study time.





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