Tier Classrooms
A Division of the Technology Support Services

Mission Statement & Purpose

The Purpose of the tier classrooms at Valencia College is to provide a state-of-the-art technology enhanced teaching and learning environment. Faculty members are provided a stable and reliable teaching environment that is fully supported and maintained by the Office of Information Technology. Students are provided an enhanced learning opportunity through the incorporation of various instructional media into the regular classroom lecture.

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tier classrooms need to provide a functional and user friendly teaching and learning environment. It is important to include faculty input during the design phase; this will give the faculty a sense of ownership and provide the technology that will enhance their teaching style. Consistent standard designs among all the classrooms will reduce confusion and reluctance to teach in the classrooms. All classrooms will have the same layout, equipment and operating sequence.

Training is essential for successful use of the classrooms. Each faculty member must go through an hour long hands-on training session before given the privilege to use the room. The training will introduce them to the environment and how all the equipment operates, which should reduce the number of tech support calls.

A system must be in place to provide technical assistance as needed. The faculty must have a sense of security in the event there is a problem someone can be available to help. Weekly operational/maintenance checks will provide a stable, predictable and reliable environment. Faculty need to be assured when they enter the classroom everything will be operational. The support staff for the classrooms must be professional, friendly, confident, and knowledgeable. They must treat the faculty with respect when addressing their needs or concerns. Each support technician shall go through a different and more intense level of training then the faculty. The technician must have a high level of confidence when called upon for assistance by a faculty member.

tier classrooms can be very successful; it will involve the support of several different areas working together for a common goal.


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