Web & Portal Services

Create a Department Web Site

To set up a Web site for your department, please take the following steps:

  1. Collect or write all copy in Microsoft Word. Make sure to include the title of your page.

    Typical Web layout with page titles

  2. Collect or create graphics and/or photos to be placed on pages. Make sure to indicate where the images will be placed in your copy (use filenames).

  3. Contact the office of Marketing & Strategic Communications (407-582-1779) to coordinate any current promotions or themed graphics for your site. If you have any printed material your department uses, send via inter-office mail to your assigned designer from Web Services.

    1. MAIL CODE 4-12 -- ATTN: Jeff Danser. (example: brochures or postcards).

    2. **Please Note, the Right Side-Bar is only for advertisments, hours, events or other items as such. Navigation will not be place into this section.

  4. If you have not already done so, place a Web request. You will be contacted by an assigned Web developer. You will be asked for the materials mentioned above.

  5. A Web developer will create your site with the your materials you have sent.

  6. You may request a Contribute key to edit your site. For more information about Contribute content management, click here.



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