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Updates to Departmental Websites

In an earlier series of communications regarding Contribute and future website updates, OIT has presented an outline of our migration plan to a new content management platform. This involves the discontinuation of updates using Contribute to ensure that the most current information is migrated to the new platform. As a result, and in keeping with prior announcements, access to Contribute has been discontinued as planned as of May 1st 2017.

Updates  to departmental websites are still available, and can be requested by submitting a service request (http://valenciacollege.edu/ServiceDesk  (most requests will be completed within 48 hours)

If you used Contribute daily or heavily during the week, contact the Web & Portal Services team at webservices@valenciacollege.edu so that we may provide additional assistance.

Should you have any questions about this or require assistance, please contact the OIT Service Desk at OITServiceDesk@valenciacollege.edu, or at extension 5555.

Information Required

When you submit a ticket requesting changes to your website, please make sure you follow these steps to help us complete your request as quickly as possible.  Any request lacking the needed information will be returned to the requestor until the information is submitted.

Updating/Adding a Document

  • URL of the page this document is linked from. 
  • URL of the current Document (if not new)
  • Attach the new document
    • Document file must be in the correct format (ie do not attach a word document if you would like it posted as a PDF)
    • If you are replacing an existing document, you should ONLY change the name of the file if the content of the file necessitates the change (ie.  Academic-Calendar-2016-2017.pdf is being replaced by Academic-Calendar-2017-2018).
    • Document file name should be only letters, numbers & dashes (-).  Do not use spaces in documents being posted to the web.
  • Title of the link (the words that are clicked on the webpage) to the document.  If this hasn’t changed, please tell us the current title of the link.

Updating Page Content

  • The most important information you can give us is the URL of the page to be updated.  Please do not describe where the page is or refer to it as “my site” or “math site”.  Vague descriptions will increase the time to complete the request.  Copy and paste the URL from the web browser when you are on the page you would like edited.  http://valenciacollege.edu/{site}/{page.cfm}
  • If there is a time constraint, please let us know when you submit the request.  For example, if you have information posted for a meeting happening today & the location has been changed, let us know this up front.  We will do our best to get time sensitive updates done immediately. 
  • Adding New Content
    • If you would like a new page added, you will need to submit all the following
      • URL of the site where the page should be added.
      • Title of New Page
      • Where the new page should be linked in the Navigate section of your site.
      • The fully edited content of your new page.  Any changes to the new page will have to be submitted as a new request and will go into the queue in the order in which it was received.
  • Updating Existing Content
    • Please make sure you submit ALL changes to the page at once.  If you make additional or separate requests, they will be reprioritized or made into a new request. 
    • If you are updating part of a paragraph, copy the whole paragraph, make your changes, then give instructions for updating.
      • Example: 
        Please update the 1st Paragraph on the page to read “Testing Centers are available on each campus for you to take exams. Students are welcome to visit any location they wish, IF their professor has allowed them the option to test at any campus.” 
    • If you are requesting added links or removed links, please be specific
      • Example: 
        Please Add a link to the page.  Title: Select Blinds Scholarship Link: http://www.selectblinds.com/scholarship.html
      • Example:
        Please remove the link on this page.  Title: Long Island Attorney Ronald D. Weiss Scholarship Contest Link: http://www.ny-bankruptcy.com/scholarship/
    • Changes to the header image will only be done if there is an issue with the current picture.
      • Example:
        Please update the picture in the header.  Attach picture you would like to use.
    • If you would like to remove content from the site, please be specific.
      • Example:
        Please remove the text reading “Applications are open until January 15, 2017”
  • Updating Hours/Location information
    • All Hour/Location information should be updated through the “Update your Department’s Information” link in Atlas (on the Employee page).
    • If your department’s Hour/Location information does not exist, please make a request to create a new department.
      • Include the following
        • Collegewide Name for the department
        • Collegewide Hours (if they exist)
        • Collegewide Phone Number (if it exists)
        • Collegewide Email (if it exists.
        • URL of your Website
        • Keywords
        • Campus
        • Campus Location
        • Campus Phone Numbers
        • Campus Hours
        • Campus Department Email
        • Campus Department Website URL.
      • The developer will then work with you to get hour department/office Hours & Location information on your web page(s).



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