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Title V Osceola - College to Careers

Building Pathways

The Title V Osceola Grant will allow us to work toward building pathways for students, one of the major goals set forth in the Valencia College strategic plan. Because we seek to create connections that raise personal aspirations of students and enable them to achieve their goals, we are always searching for ways to remove barriers to college for students. The Title V Osceola Grant will help us:

filter_1 Create new financial aid pathways for students entering into our career and technical programs.

filter_3 Add two new Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

filter_5 Find ways to increase the number of students transferring credits into Valencia's A.S. degree programs by 10% by September 2020.

filter_2 Find ways to increase the number of students earning Valencia's career and technical certifications by 10% by September 2020.

filter_4 Redesign three existing pathways for students to earn credits or certifications through our CTE programs.

filter_6 Produce flyers and materials in Spanish.








Serving the Community


For more info about the College to Careers
Title V Osceola campus grant, contact:

Dr. Jennifer Keefe, Grant Director
(407) 582-4823

Dr. James McDonald, Osceola campus Dean of Career & Technical Programs
(407) 582-4401