Osceola Campus Learning Center

Assessment Exam Review Sessions

The Tutoring Center and Writing Center offer Assessment Exam review sessions in Math, English and Reading respectively, to students who wish to re-take the CPT/PERT exams. Students can come in for an individual session available on a walk-in basis during our regular hours of operation. Please review the following guidelines before coming in for a review session. You can also visit our CPT and PERT pages for additional information.


Instructions for CPT/PERT Re-take at the Osceola Campus

The Osceola Campus offers CPT/PERT Review Sessions at the Learning Center, Building 3 room 100 or the DEPOT, Building 4 room 121. These sessions are provided individually on a walk-in basis during the Learning Center's operational hours.

In order to re-take the CPT/PERT for math, reading, or sentences skills, please complete the following steps:

  1. Purchase the appropriate CPT/PERT Review Guide(s) from the campus store (Bldg 4 room 103) or download and print here.

  2. Complete the sample tests, check your answers in the back of the booklet, and carefully read the “tips” and explanations.

  3. Mark the questions that you do not understand after having read the explanations.

  4. Go to the Learning Center or DEPOT and meet with a tutor or instructor.

  5. Ask the tutor or instructor specific questions related to the questions you have marked in your booklet.

  6. Tutor or instructor will give you a “Certificate of Eligibility for CPT/PERT Retake” so you can retake the test.

  7. There is a $10 retake fee per subsection of the CPT/PERT, make sure you obtain an “Assessment Referral to the Business Office” (Beige Form) from the Assessment Center (4-248) and bring it to the Business Office for payment.


  • Students may only re-take the CPT/PERT once; therefore, we highly recommend that you utilize these resources wisely.
  • Students retaking the PERT exam must wait 30 days to retest.