Osceola Campus Math Department

Osceola Campus Math Department

Delivery Methods

Traditional Courses

Supplemental Learning Courses

Traditional courses take place on campus. Many instructors use lecture as a form of delivery for the traditional courses. Depending on the instructor, different resources may be available on their Faculty Web sites or through WebCT (an online component). These courses can meet anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week depending on the schedule that fits your needs.

This kind of course is similar to the Traditional course with a small difference. These courses are enhanced by Supplemental Learning {SL}.
SL classes are supported by small group sessions led by Supplemental Learning Leaders (former students) who are selected because they passed the course with a high grade. These study sessions are regularly scheduled, casual sessions in which students from your class compare notes discuss assignments, and develop organizational tools and study skills. Students who participate in these sessions make better grades in the course.
For more information and a schedule of SL courses click here.

Or contact Prof. Al Groccia, the coordinator on the Osceola Campus

LinC Courses

Academic Systems

A LinC course matches two courses that students take together. They make friends, study together, and succeed together. LinC professors team to connect course materials and help students put the pieces together. LinC creates a "community of learners" where everyone learns together! For more information and a schedule of LinC courses click here.

Or contact Prof. Mia Pierre, the coordinator on the Osceola Campus

Students complete these courses entirely on the computer in a classroom environment. Through the use of this highly engaging, advanced multimedia software application, as well as the personalized one on one attention from our instructors, and in-class tutors, students will be able to master the needed skills for success in the available courses. Students can move at an accelerated pace making it possible to complete a course early and continue on to the next course in the same semester.

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mixed mode


A course that blends online and face-to-face delivery. If a course is not over 75% online, over 75% videotape, or over 75% on-site it is called a mixed mode course. A mixed mode delivery may be On-site/Online, mixed mode On-site/DVD, etc. What makes a course a mixed mode is simply the degree of use of the alternative modality.

A course in which all of the content is delivered online using the college-approved course management system (WebCT).