Osceola Campus Math Department

Osceola Campus Math Department

Osceola's Math Fair

The goal of the Math Depot is to create a learning community that maximizes student success.
If you are a new student preparing to take the PERT, or currently enrolled in one of the following Courses: MAT0018 Developmental I (formaly known as MAT0012 Pre-Algebra), MAT0028 Developmental II (formaly known as MAT0024 Beginning Algebra), MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra, or you are needing help preparing for a final exam, then the Math Fair is for you. Some Professors even AWARD EXTRA CREDIT to students who attend and complete each station in the Math Fair.

The Math Fair helps you build your skills.

Email: Math Depot

Phone: 407.582.4856 or 321.697.4856

Math Fair

Raffle to win a fabulous prize every hour!

Enjoy Delicious Free Food

• Opportunity to meet Math Professors

• Join any one of many campus clubs