Student Services

Where to Get Help

The Answer Center

The Answer Center is where most student service activities begin. This is the first stop for students to submit an application, discuss financial aid, inquire about orientation, and receive basic academic advising.

A student visiting The Center will be met by staff personnel known as a Student Services Specialist. These are professional staff members who are trained to assist in the areas of financial aid, admissions and academic advising.

In the Center, you will receive assistance with every aspect of student services. If you are still in need of additional information or assistance, a referral is made for you to visit with one of the Student Services Managers in the Student Services Offices.


Student Services
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The Student Services Offices are where you will receive specialized assistance with issues that were more involved or complex than those handled in the Center.

A student visiting Student Services may meet with a Student Services Manager. These professional staff members are the functional experts in their area. A referral or appointment is required to visit with Student Services.

In the Home Offices, you will receive specialized assistance with issues that were more involved or complex than those handled in the Center. The Student Services staff are trained to both assist and educate you. Once they have helped with the situation at hand, they may ask you to take a minute to learn a little bit more about what related resources would be the most useful for you to explore. You may also be referred to the Atlas Access Lab to learn how certain online tools can be used to plan for and possibly prevent similar situations in the future.


Atlas Access Lab
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The Atlas Access is your resource for assistance with online tools and services. The staff there can assist you with registration, online career and educational planning, and other student service applications.

A student visiting Atlas Access is assisted by an Atlas Assistant. These are student leaders who are employed by the college and trained to assist students in the electronic processing of forms in the areas of financial aid and admissions.

In the Access Lab, you can receive assistance with internet searches, working with your Atlas accounts, and utilizing other online educational and career planning tools. If after working with the Atlas Assistant, you still would like additional assistance, you may be referred to a Student Services Specialist in the Answer Center for additional advisement.