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EAP Level 4 Support Plan

You can use the resources below to help you supplement your level 4 class. If you have any questions about the materials, please talk to your professor.



Resource 1:

Go to www.esl-lab.com

Scroll down to "Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes"

Start with Level Medium and try to move up to Difficult or Very Difficult

Resource 2:

Download the Dictation Practice Powerpoint

Follow the directions on each slide to listen to the audio and practice writing what you hear



Primary Resource:

Sign in to your EAP reading lab: www.townsendpress.net

Click "Groundwork for College Level Reading"

Do chapters 3-9 and chapter 11

Additional Resources (optional):


This website has articles and questions based on US grade level. In order to find out what grade to read at, start with something in grade 5 or 6. If it's too difficult, try a lower grade. If it's too easy, go up a grade. Try to find a grade level where you understand most of the words and start working from there.


Similar to the site above, this website has articles to work on reading comprehension, but it also has worksheets that you can use to practice reading skills (context clues, fact/opinion, etc). You can also find grammar worksheets with keys.


Writing and Grammar

Complete the assigned units from the Red Azar book.

Picture of Red Azar book


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