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As far as the PERT is concerned, the Osceola Writing Center's main goal is to provide a more in-depth explanation, if necessary, for those skills discussed in the PERT Reading and Writing Review Guides and provide supplemental materials for those students who would like more practice than what our guides supply.

If you need information about PERT eligibility, costs, or other related items, please see below for links to those topics.

For supplmental PERT support and practice beyond the review provided in our guide, please click HERE.

PERT Related Information

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Taking the PERT Fees, Time Limits, Hours Available, Testing Locations, Test Facts, Retests, Review Guides
PERT & Dual Enrollment General Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, Testing and Retest Requirements
PERT Requirements & Exemptions More info about requirements and exemptions
PERT Placement Placement scores by class
Valencia PERT Review Information about what each campus provides in terms of reviewing for the PERT


PERT Practice Tests


The company that created the PERT also provides PERT practice tests. Each section costs $2.50. Valencia does not require- nor does it endorse- these practice tests. However, they are available for those students who would like further practice (and since they come from the the PERT creators, they should allow you to get an accurate feel for what the PERT might be like).

Click HERE to find out more information or to purchase practice tests.

They also provide a free, shortened practice test with 10 questions per section. You can download it HERE.


PERT Skills - Supplementation & Explanation


We hope that these materials will aid you in your preparation for the PERT placement test. You may use these resources in a standalone fashion, or they can be used in conjunction with Valencia's Reading Guide and Writing Guide.

Reading Skills
Writing Skills
Finding the Subject/Topic
Main Idea
Supporting Details
Relationships within/between Sentences
Author's Purpose
Author's Tone
Fact and Opinion
Dangling / Misplaced Modifiers
Transitional Devices
Pronoun Reference
Organizational Patterns
Logical Comparisons
Context Clues


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