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A Day in the Life of a Writing Consultation

  • No two consultations are the same; they are modified based on the needs of each student. Some of the writing areas we work with are below.
  • Generally a consultation will last up to 30 minutes- though some may be less, depending on the help a student requires.
  • There is no need to make an appointment. All consultations are conducted on a walk-in basis.

Areas of Focus

Style & Formatting

Never heard of APA, MLA, or Chicago styles? Don't know how to get your works cited page to have a hanging indent? Not sure if, when, or how to cite a source? The Writing Center is the place to go. We can help with general formatting and style specific concerns.





Consultations that focus on content will look at the information that the student provides, and whether the student has argued his/her point effectively, used relevant supporting information, and fulfilled the requirements of the assignment in terms of purpose.





If you're not sure what in the world a comma splice is, or the difference between using a gerund vs. a participle, or how to make subjects and verbs agree, talk to a consultant!




Brainstorming & Outlining

For students who may not know how to begin the writing process, our writing consultants are more than willing to sit down and work with students to brainstorm ideas or work with students to put their ideas into a well formed outline



Structure & Organization

We can help students make sure that they are structuring their essay in a way that works with the kind of essay they are writing. We can also look to see if a student has organized their information appropriately.




And you thought the Writing Center only worked with...writing. We actually help students work on speeches too! Bring in a speech or speech outline for us to look over, or even come in to practice your speech!

What we don't Do

Because the primary purpose of a writing consultation is education, we do not provide blanket editing services or proofreading. We will look at a student's work and show him/her some of the mistakes (not all), thereby giving each student an opportunity to learn to become a better editor, which will be beneficial for the next assignment.

In the end, teachers will receive papers based on the student's work, not on a consultant's ability to perfect a student's mistakes.



Bldg 3, Rm 100
Monday - Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
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