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MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles

Depending on the discipline, and to some degree on faculty preference, you may need to be familiar with several academic styles throughout your academic career. With Valencia's online resources (linked below), along with the internet, there's really no reason you shouldn't be able to get a high score on the formatting/style section of your assignment's rubric- you just need to put in a little effort and be willing to follow the prescribed formatting. If you have The Little Seagull Handbook, that is also a good resource.

You cannot always rely upon the "cite" button available on many online databases and websites. If you use that feature, or you copy and paste a provided entry, you are still responsible to check the entry for errors.


MLA in a Nutshell (Formatting & In-text Citations)

MLA Format with Illustrations - PDF (step by step directions and pictures)

MLA Basic In-Text Citations (8th ed.) - PPT

MLA Basic Works Cited Formatting (8th ed.) - PPT

Valencia -MLA 8th ed.. (center column)

Norton (Little Seagull) MLA 8th Ed. - PDF

Purdue OWL - MLA






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