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Awards & Recognition 2012 (Volume 14)

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Congratulations to the Phoenix magazine contributors selected "Best in Category" for the 2012 issue:


Mary Elizabeth Da Silva, “I Had a Dream Last Night”


Christopher Vanderkaay, “Have You Met the Baby?”


Michael Ruvalcaba, “The Red Brand of Courage”


Alyssa Aviles, "Death Is So Sly"

$100 per category was awarded courtesy of Student Development.
Winners need to contact the Student Development office to arrange payment, which will take several weeks.

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The Phoenix wins BIG (again)!
For the third year in a row, the Phoenix has achieved

1st place General Excellence Award
Florida College System Publications Association (FCSPA) Magazine Competition

In addition, the following contributors and staff were awarded individual honors:

Poetry (collective entry): 2nd place

            Kevin Cortez, “I’ll Keep My Youth” (21)

            Linda Nguyen, “Made of Sin and the Divine” (73)

            Gwendolyn Reynolds, “Serenity” (64)

Poem (single entry): 2nd place

             Xuyan Chen, “I See Three Fine Lines under My Eyes” (27)

Fiction: 3rd place

            Dylan Eitharong, “A Visit,” (88)

Nonfiction: 1st place

            Christopher Vanderkaay, “Have You Met the Baby?” (39)
            *Judge’s comment: A well-told recollection of an encounter with the abnormality that is everywhere, but is not always seen.”

Art: 1st place

            Alyssa Aviles, “Recollective Destruction” (28)
            *Judge’s comment: Although initially stymied as to how to categorize “Recollective Destruction,” that is, in itself, part of its attraction. The loss of apparent beauty? The disintegration of the memory of a lost love? Memento mori? Whichever Aviles intended, the work is unsettling yet pretty, scary yet compelling. Nicely done.”

Art Works, Magazine: 1st place

            Cliffton Chandler, “The Active Worship of Passive Gods” (87)

            Mariya Karaulova, “Statistic” (51)

            Christopher Preble, “Freedom March” (81)           
            *Judge’s comment: “We preach uniqueness, diversity and differentiation, and this year’s Phoenix entry ‘gets it.’ Nice work by all entries with superbly different treatments and subject matter…from dream-like ‘Statistic’ to the muddled mob of ‘Freedom March,’ each work is well done in its own way. Chandler’s relief sculpture is a first and the artist brilliantly uses the wood medium to contrast with the pile of technology crowding the population. ‘Freedom March’ is timely with the present day uprisings around the world and in our own country. Keep up the good work.”


Awards and Recognition for Previous Years

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