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Just Announced: Editors' Choice Awards for the Phoenix magazine's 20115/16 Issue!
Volume XVIII Due out May 2016

Editors' Choice 2015/16 (Volume 18)

Poetry Winner

             Cliff Erickson "These Words

Fiction Winner (tie)

             Chris Spagnola “Gus and Mortimer ”

             Shumaita Kabir "A First"

Nonfiction Winner

             Christopher Cutillar "The Definition of Us "

Art Winners (tie)

           Andrew Costa "Untitled"

           Na'ah Gordon "Hana"

$100 per category was awarded courtesy of Student Development.

Winners have been emailed and will be contacted again once the checks are available to be picked up in the Communications Office (5-231).

The Phoenix 2015 (XVII) won top honors in a number of contests!

National ACP Pacemaker Awards

Since their inception in 1927, ACP’s Pacemaker awards for general excellence have been the most prestigious and competitive awards dedicatedto student media.Winners of the 2015 Magazine Pacemakers was announced at the convention’s awards ceremony Saturday, October 31st. The Phoenix was awarded the Pacemaker Award in Literary Magazines (Two-Year).

Florida College System Publications Association Magazine Competition 2015

Division B—Valencia College Awarded:

General Excellence Awards
First Place:Phoenix – Valencia College

Inner Circle Awards (Honoring students winning awards in three or more categories.)
Jennifer Valero
Phoenix, Valencia College

First Place—Velaina Koren, Phoenix, Valencia College

Art – Individual
Third Place—Grace Miller, Phoenix, Valencia College

Art Works – Magazine
First Place—Grace Miller, Janeza Dina, Madison Duerling, Phoenix, Valencia College

Two-Page Spread Design
First Place—Phoenix Design Team [Russell “Andy” Hamer], Phoenix, Valencia College

Individual Photo
Third Place—Rebekah Rigel, Phoenix, Valencia College

First Place—Phoenix Design Team [Arlianna Oraa, Crissy Matrick, Russell “Andy” Hamer, Yuhai Chung, Joaris Manning & Sean Thompson], and Jennifer Valero,Editor, Phoenix, Valencia College

Third Place—Jennifer Valero, Phoenix, Valencia College

First Place—Design Team, Phoenix, Valencia College [Russell “Andy” Hamer]

Contents Page
First Place—Design Team and Jennifer Valero, Phoenix, Valencia College [Yuhai Chung]

Staff Page
First Place—Design Team, Phoenix, Valenica College [Joaris Manning]

Community College Humanities Association Literary Magazine Competition 2015:

Phoenix magazine was the second place winner, Southern Division, in the annual
Community College Humanities Association literary magazine competition.

Congratulations to the Phoenix magazine contributors selected "Best in Category" for the 2015 issue:

Editors' Choice 2015 (Volume 17)

Poetry Winner

             Debbie Rojas "Two Souls in the Night

Fiction Winner

             Sydney Nangle “The Englishman's Guide to Murder”

Nonfiction Winner

             Velaina Koren "The Final Exhale"

Art Winners (shared)

           Janeza Marie Dino "Ali" (pencil/colored pencil)

           Janeza Marie Dino "Our Humanity" (mixed media)

           Grace Miller "Beloved" (acrylic)

           Grace Miller "Madiba" (acrylic)

           Grace Miller "Dancers" (acrylic)

$100 per category was awarded courtesy of Student Development.

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Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA) Awards

The 2014 (Volume 16) edition of the Phoenix earned extensive recognition from the
Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA)
for content and design!
For the complete list of state-wide winners, CLICK HERE

General Excellence Award (based on overall points): 2nd Place

Design: 1st place
Phoenix Design Team

*Judge’s comment: “What a beautiful publication! You have a handle on type hierarchy which makes it inviting and easy for the reader to follow. Backgrounds and art applications to pages are tasteful and add to the total package. Nice thematic feel throughout.”

Editing: 1st place
Angela Murphy

*Judge's comment: “Clean edits from cover to cover. Correct spelling of ‘adviser’ is appreciated. In print use only one space after periods, rather than two. Nice work.”

Poetry: 2nd place

Ryan Burns, “Thursday Night Coffee Shops” (72)

Jonathan Hawks, “Doll’s Eyes like Shark Eyes” (60)

Naomi Pierre, “Anastacio Frankcis” (69)

Fiction: 3rd place

Ceili Peace Merrill, “The Slumber of War” (77)

Nonfiction: 1st place

Angela Murphy, “A Glimpse of Strength” (63)

*Judge’s comment: “This essay on two difficult childbirths more than five decades apart is poignant, engaging and emotionally satisfying.”

Photo: 3rd place

Jose Gonzalez, “While Passing By” (26)

Photography: 2nd Place

Antonio Barnett, “Dreamer” (42)

Margaret McCloskey, “White Plumeria” (54)

Janette Diaz, “Burn with Fervent Heat” (85)

Contents Page: 3rd place

Phoenix Design Team



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