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Awards & Recognition

Valencia College proudly congratulates our winners of the 2010 Florida Community College Press Association Magazine Competition.

General Excellence: First Place

Valencia College, Phoenix magazine

Individual Excellence Awards to Valencia Students

Poem: First Place

"Ghost" by Ryan Patton

Poetry: Third place

"Independence Day" by Mark Alton
"Where Went my Forest?" by Chris Garcia
"Gentlemen" by Ryan Patton

Fiction: Third place

"Starry Night" by Rania Elbohy

Illustration with Text, Individual: Second Place

"Determination: A World at his Back" by Samantha Harvey

Photo: Third Place

"Fall Rhapsody" by Joanna Knowles

Design: First Place

Michelle Cavanaugh and Katie Mascarello Simari

Editing: Third Place

Michelle Cavanaugh

Cover: First Place

"Frame Work," art by Jody Roun & design by Katie Mascarello Simari

Contents Page: First Place

Contents by Michelle Cavanaugh and Katie Mascarello Simari

Staff Page: First Place

Staff by Michelle Cavanaugh and Katie Mascarello Simari

Inner Circle of Excellence Award (for students placing in 3 or more categories)

Michelle Cavanaugh and Katie Mascarello Simari

For the complete list of state-wide winners, please visit:

Congratulations to the cash winners for Phoenix magazine for 2010:


"Ghost" by Ryan Patton
"Independence Day" by Mark Alton


"Brotherhood" by Sean Drake


"Starry Night" by Rania Elbohy


"Desideratum" by Ryan Neri
"Tessitura" by Ryan Neri

$100 per category was awarded courtesy of Student Development.
Check out winning pieces here toward the end of each spring semester when the latest Phoenix is released.

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Awards and Recognition for Previous Years

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