Plant Operations



The mission of the Plant Operations Department is to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment in which our students, faculty and staff can accomplish their educational and professional goals.

Fundamental to the success of our mission are these commonly held values and principles:

Dignity - Our people are the source of our strength. We emphasize the dignity of all work done well and encourage professional development.

Respect - we recognize that self-respect and respect for each other is essential to effective teamwork.

Service - we understand that service is the primary focus of our mission. However, though we serve, we are not servants.

Responsibility - we strive to accomplish our work to the highest standards. Complying with established college rules and policies is essential in providing this quality service.

Trust - we acknowledge our duty to the Board of Trustees, the College community and the taxpayers to safeguard and responsibly use the college property, equipment, time and supplies in our care.

These are the things we keep in mind when going about our work. It's easy to make good choices and right decisions when you can answer the question "How will what I am about to do make things better for our students and how will it reflect on their learning experience at Valencia?"

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