Procurement Procedures

Number Procedure Title
1.0 Procurement Program
1.1 Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement
2.0 Procurement Quick Reference Guide
2.1 Lead Time Reference Guide
3.0 Requisitions
3.1 Standing Purchase Orders
3.2 Receiving and Inspections
3.3 Exemptions and Cooperative Purchasing
4.0 Sole Source
5.0 Specifications
4.0 Request for Quotations
5.0 Invitation for Bids
6.0 Request for Proposals
7.0 Evaluation Committee Formation, Conflict of Interest
7.1 Conducting Evaluation Committee Meetings
7.2 Instruction for Participation on Evaluation Committee
7.3 No Conflict of Interest Form
8.0 Request for Qualifications (RFQu)
9.0 Invitation to Negotiate
10.0 Procurement Card Program
11.0 Procurement Procedures Required for Federal Grants
12.0 Owner Direct Purchase Program
13.0 Florida Statutes Applicable to Procurement