Multi-Functional Devices - MFDs

MFD Toner & Staple Orders:     

To request a new toner or staples for your MFD, please send an Email to Courier Services based on the chart below.


In your email be sure to include the following:

  • The 5-digit System I.D. number located on the MFD
  • Name of person requesting
  • Mail Code for delivery purposes.


Servicing Campuses

West Campus Courier Services:

West Campus

District Office

Fire Training Facility

Osceola Campus

Advance Manufacturing Training Center

Poinciana Campus (Opening Fall 2017)

East Campus Courier Services:

East Campus

School of Public Safety

Winter Park Campus

Lake Nona Campus


MFD Service Calls:         

If your MFD needs serviced or has an error message on the display, please call: 407-830-7950. You may also send a request through Seminole Office Solutions Customer Center at Be sure to have your System I.D. number, location, and error message (if possible) before you call.

MFD Relocation Requests:         

OIT manages all requests for relocation of MFD’s. A Service Request must be completed at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled office move. OIT will coordinate the move of all MFD’s with Seminole Office.


MFD Copy Codes:           

Departments are provided a 5-digit code specific to your Index. If you do not remember your Department code or need a new code for a new department, please contact OIT or complete a service request. OIT will provide the appropriate Code.


Copy Paper Orders:       

Please email the Courier Services office based on the chart above.