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New Office Supply Contract

The State of Florida recently rebid the contract for office supplies.  The good news, the College will not need to change suppliers.  Office Depot was awarded a contract which becomes effective April 18, 2017 that includes over 20,500 items.  The pricing discounts were based on product categories with discounts ranging from 39% to 85% off of the original equipment manufacturer’s price list.

The product categories and comparisons of current and new discounts are posted below.  An analysis of the new discounts based on current spending trends, results in a total savings to the College of $33,738.

The State made one significant change to the new contract requirements.  The new contract price list will be all inclusive and non-contract items will not be made available for purchase.

When searching for item, keep your search terms generic and broad, such as pens, pencils, etc.  For example, when you search for an item, such as a note pad, there will be multiple notepads from which to choose in the resulting search.  If you search by a specific manufacturer, you may not find the exact match. 

The State is allowing Office Depot to add items to the office supply contract on a periodic basis. The State’s purpose is to standardize and take advantage of true contract discount savings, thereby helping you stretch your budget.  Office Depot has negotiated deep discounts with multiple manufacturers.  Purchasing a non-contracted product will cost much more, therefore, the State removed the option to buy non-contracted products.

Product Category

Current OEM List Less %

New SOF OEM List Less %

Breakroom & Cleaning Supplies



Folders, Binders & Accessories



Office Consumables (Art, Educational & Envelopes)



Office Equipment



IT Peripherals



Paper – Other



Paper – White, Recycled and Virgin




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Field/Local Lissette Lantieri 407-701-5745
Field/Local Tammy Miller 407-432-3773

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