Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Bus Transportation Services

Valencia College has awarded a contract with two vendors to provide bus transportation services.

With great customer service, Space Tours and Dynamic Tours, are here to provide you with your transportation needs.

To obtain a price quote please contact:

Space Tours – Effective  January 08, 2015

Contact Information:

Maurice Vargas

Phone: 407-903-9996

Fax: 407-363-1440

5381 Water Vista Drive

Orlando, FL 32821

Dynamic Tours – Effective January 08, 2015

Contact Information:

Edna Dakkak

Phone: 407-888-3500

Fax: 407-363-3939

175 Thorpe Road

Orlando, FL 32824

Rental Car Services – State of Florida Contract Number: 788111808-15-1

Contract Term: September 30, 2015 to September 29, 2020

Valencia College entered into a Cooperative Agreement with Enterprise and National Car Rental for in-state and out-of-state car rental services.

All rates include unlimited mileage and roadside assistance; liability coverage and loss damage waiver. Please note that any utilization of any college contract is subject to all applicable policies and procedures and may require prior written approval.

Enterprise offers Valencia employees a discount for personal use.  Personal rentals do not include insurance coverage (damage waiver and liability protection).



Customer Service number at 877-690-0064 or Denise Berthiaume at 407-770-2971

To view the contract numbers, please visit the Rental Car Link under the Employees Tab in Atlas.