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Property Management The Property Management Office is chartered to verify the location, custodian, condition and cost of all applicable Fixed Assets the College purchases. An annual inventory of all items, i.e. furniture and equipment, that have been assigned a Valencia College asset number and are valued at $1,000 or more, is conducted at the beginning of the calendar year and is ongoing. All College owned equipment is inventoried including those items located off campus. Important: No item may be relocated, disposed, or traded in without proper notification to the Property Management Office in advance.


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David Long Property Management Coordinator DO, 1-343 x1267 DO-333
Fanita Brown Property Records Specialist DO, 1-343 x1263 DO-333
Karen Kelley Property Records Specialist DO, 1-343 x1331 DO-333
Ludim Rodriguez Property Support Specialist DO, 1-343 x3114 DO-333
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