Campus Security

Safety & Security

It's a Shared Responsibility

Valencia College's Statement of Purpose


"Valencia College is an extraordinary learning community."


We value:

  • each learner by promoting personal success, high academic standards, civic and personal responsibility, and a love of learning.
  • each member of the faculty and staff as a learning leader.
  • the ongoing personal and professional development of learning leaders throughout the college community.
  • the mastery of the core competencies -- Think, Value, Communicate, and Act.
  • the potential of each person to learn.
  • planning skills that enable students to create, integrate, and achieve personal, career, and educational goals.
  • an accessible, supportive, and safe environment in which people learn and work.
  • a communicative, respectful, collaborative collegiate culture.
  • a caring and professional relationship among student learners, employees, and the community.
  • diversity and the learning opportunities that it creates.
  • partnerships for community and workforce development.
  • the purposeful use of technology and other tools that enhance learning.
  • academic, professional, and personal integrity.


Valencia College provides outcomes-oriented, quality learning opportunities by:

  • Achieving, measuring, and applying the results of learning.
  • Emphasizing critical and creative thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and workplace skills.
  • Maintaining an open-minded, nurturing, and collaborative environment.
  • Reaching out to potential students and providing affordable, accessible learning opportunities.
  • Fostering enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  • Motivating learners to define and achieve their goals.
  • Respecting uniqueness and appreciating diversity.
  • Encouraging faculty and staff to continue professional growth.
  • Partnering with businesses, industries, public agencies, civic groups, and educational institutions that support learning and promote the economic development of Central Florida.


Valencia is a publicly supported, comprehensive community college that continually identifies and addresses the changing learning needs of the communities it serves. The College provides:

  • Associate-degree programs that prepare learners to succeed in university studies.
  • Courses and services that provide learners with the right start in their college careers.
  • Associate degree, certificate, and continuing professional education programs that prepare learners for entering and progressing in the workforce.

No community's security plan can attain maximum effectiveness unless everyone in the community contributes to making it work. Safety and security are both personal as well as shared responsibilities. Only by accepting this responsibility can members of the community maintain a safe and secure academic environment. 

This site is provided to you as part of the Valencia College commitment to safety and security on campus and satisfies all of the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Act. It is filled with information about a variety of security services and programs which are available to you as members of the college community. We hope that you will become familiar with this information and find the programs useful.