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Student Services

New Student Orientation

All new students are required to participate in an orientation session before registering for their first term. 

New Student Orientation for degree-seeking students includes:

  • Information on education planning
  • Introduction to College resources including LifeMap tools
  • Academic advising for first term

To Access New Student Orientation Sign Up

  1. Submit your application and pay your $35 application fee
  2. Determine if you need assessment:

    1. If you provide official test scores (SAT, ACT, CPT, PERT) that are less than 2-years old you do not need assessment and can move to step 3.
    2. If you are a transfer student and have taken and passed both a college-level English and math course with a C or better you do not need assessment and can move to step 3.  Please note – if you only have one of these courses with a C or better you will need to take entry assessment for placement into the other course.
    3. If you have not attended college nor taken entry assessment – SAT, ACT, CPT, PERT – go to the Assessment Office on any campus.  For information on study materials, hours, and locations visit:  valenciacollege.edu/assessments.

  3. Once your application is processed (please allow 3 - 5 business days) set up your Atlas account by going to atlas.valenciacollege.edu.
  4. After setting up your Atlas account and after entry assessment, sign up for orientation:

    1. Log into your Atlas account
    2. Click on New Student Orientation (My Atlas Tab; bottom left-hand side of page)
    3. Select the campus you wish for orientation
    4. Follow instructions to select and sign up for orientation

If you are transferring into Valencia from a regionally accredited institution, and we have not yet received your official transcript(s), please provide us with unofficial copies prior to orientation.  You may fax or email these to the NSO office listed to the right.  Also, if you have any difficulty registering for an orientation, please contact the New Student Orientation Office on your campus.





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