Departmental Unit Action Plans

2006-07 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

Index of Plans for 2006-2007
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DAP Leader Department
SA0607-01Admissions and Registration Information Exchange Plan. To establish communication tools that will facilitate student learning from application through registration. Renee Simpson / Lisa Stilke Admissions and Records
SA0607-02Graduation Communication. Increase the percentage of graduate applicants who graduate by improving communication on requirements and procedures. Renee Simpson / Edwin Sanchez Admissions and Records
SA0607-03Communication Chain for Banner/Atlas related operational issues. Develop, coordinate and implement an effective communication plan when system operational issues develop. Liz GangemiAtlas Information Systems
SA0607-04Banner 7 and Atlas Training. Develop, coordinate and communicate Banner 7 & Atlas Training schedule for initial rollout of Banner 7 and ongoing refresh training. Liz GangemiAtlas Information Systems
SA0607-05My Career Planner Assessment Revisions. Revise My Career Planner tool with appropriate online assessments Cheryl RobinsonCareer Development Services
SA0607-06Uniform Web Presence. Establish one web presence for Career Development Services with up to date staff and workshop information Cheryl RobinsonCareer Development Services
SA0607-07Strengthen communication and planning between the College Transitions department, the Financial Aid department and the Enrollment Services department so that strategies to fulfill the Enrollment Plan Linda DowningCollege Transitions
SA0607-08Technology support systems. Develop technology and processes to support efficient and accurate communication with prospective students and to collect data on the effectiveness of outreach projects. Linda Downing College Transitions
SA0607-09Support ATD Through LinC Success Coaches. Student Services staff will serve as Success Coaches and communicate frequently with students in LinC classes through meetings and curriculum infusion. Linda Vance Dean of Students, East
SA0607-10New Student Orientation. Refine New Student Orientation sign up process to improve communication with our new students. Linda Vance Dean of Students, East
SA0607-11Registration Workshops to increase student use of technology for registration process. Chris Klinger Dean of Students, Osceola
SA0607-12Osceola Campus Staff Development Plan. To improve staff satisfaction with their jobs and departmental "personality". Chris Klinger Dean of Students, Osceola
SA0607-13Interdepartmental Communication. Break down silos of information between different areas within Student Services and between Student Services and Academic Affairs Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students, Winter Park
SA0607-14Enrollment Growth. Grow Campus enrollment by 3-4% each term Cheryl RobinsonCareer Development Services
SA0607-15Cooperative Learning Community. Implement student services portion of CLC to achieve student connection and staff satisfaction. Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students, Winter Park
SA0607-16Early Alert Program. Establish an online notification system for early intervention of students in academic risk. Ty Johnson Dean of Students, West
SA0607-17Answer Center. Evaluate, assess, and improve the effectiveness of the work environment and delivery of services in the Answer Center Ty Johnson Dean of Students, West
SA0607-18Prospect Communication Plan. Develop a communication plan to outline content and delivery methods for all letters, phone scripts/tools and email messages sent to prospective students. Nechell Bonds Enrollment Services
SA0607-19Banner Prospect Module. Implement the prospect module in Banner 7.3 and procedures to support its use. Nechell Bonds Enrollment Services
SA0607-20Staff Development. 20DAPEnrServicesProspectComm0607plan.pdf Identify and unite the enrollment services department around institutional shared values related to enrollment goals Nechell Bonds Enrollment Services
SA0607-21Consistency. Develop more consistency college-wide in operational processes and procedures in our work with international students. Ty Johnson International Student Services
SA0607-22Student Awareness of Assistive Technology. Develop a purposeful plan that will increase students' with disabilities awareness of the assistive technology available to them Jillian Szentmiklosi Students with Disabilities
SA0607-23OSD/Faculty Communication. Improve faculty understanding of OSD/student processes Jillian Szentmiklosi Students with Disabilities
SA0607-24Atlas Content Management System. Establish Atlas Content Management Plan and Coordination to ensure Atlas content is accurate and timely" Sonya Joseph Student Affairs AVP
SA0607-25Graduation Transition. To reduce the number of students applying to graduate prior to completing the degree requirements Sonya Joseph Student Affairs AVP
SA0607-26Student Government College Wide Executive Board. To develop an SGA college wide executive board that will assist in streamlining and communicating best practices among all campuses. Chanda Torres Student Development
SA0607-27Longitudinal Study and Evaluation of Answer Center. Review and reflect upon Answer Center data collected over the past three years to determine trends, developments, and significant changes that have impacted the formation of the Answer Center. Sonya Joseph Answer Center
SA0607-28Atlas Content Ownership. To increase involvement of Managers in Atlas content ownership. Atlas will reflect more accurate information. Managers and staff will be aware of change that needs to be made in atlas. Linda Vance Atlas Access