Departmental Unit Action Plans

2009-10 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

Index of Plans for 2009-2010
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DAP Leader Department Description

Renee Simpson,

Lisa Stilke

Admissions & Records Applicant and International Student Improvements
SA0910-02 Renee Simpson Admissions & Records Provide Admissions & Records staff with tools needed to achieve peak levels of performance and to assist one another.

Julie Corderman, Connie Parrish,

Joe Sarrubbo,

Steve Thiesse

Answer Center College Wide Create an informational website for Valencia's Answer Center college wide.
SA0910-04 Sonya Joseph Student Affairs Serve as primary Student Affairs contact and coordinator for Developmental Education Initiative and other grant-related activities.
SA0910-05 Linda Downing College Transitions and Financial Aid Align Valencia's Strategic Goal. Build Pathways & Transition to College with Florida's Next Generation PreK-20 Education Strategic Plan
SA0910-06 Linda Downing College Transitions and Financial Aid Design and implement a plan to increase the impact of the scholarship selection process on Valencia enrollment and on donor recognition.
SA0910-07 Linda Vance ATLAS Access Partner with Academic Departments on each campus to shuare what is available through ATLAS to assist students.
SA0910-08 Liz Gangemi Atlas Information Systems Research and evaluate a more consistent and automated way to track, record and report SEVIS student data.
SA0910-09 John Stover Bridges to Success Establish a Book Club to encourage Bridges students to read for learning and pleasure.
SA0910-10 Cheryl Robinson Career Development Services Ensure timely and accurate review of education plans sent through the My Education Plan tool for advisor review.
SA0910-11 Cheryl Robinson Career Development Services Create online resources for the Student Success class presentation.
SA0910-12 Tanisha Carter College Reach Out Program Successfully meet 100% of the outcomes projected for the 0910 Grant year.
SA0910-13 Jacquelyn Cole Dual Enrollment Develop the plans, curriculum template, procedures and articulation needed to implement AS Dgree in Laser/Photonics at Wekiva High School.
SA0910-14 Linda Vance Student Services - East Campus Continue work from 08/09 to reinforce the development of students to become more in charge of their academic information.
SA0910-15 Chris Klinger Student Services - Osceola Campus Develop departmental referral procedure that includes action plan and follow-up. Track the referral outcomes and student satisfaction.
SA0910-16 Tyron Johnson Student Affairs - West Campus Professional Development of Student Services Advising Staff by developing a formal training program.
SA0910-17 Tyron Johnson Student Affairs - West Campus Professional Development of International Student Services Team through an increase of knowledge and understanding of federal and institutional policies and procedures that govern the enrollment of international students.
SA0910-18 Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students - Winter Park Campus Continued revision of the Early Alert System that supports students showing early warning signs of behaviors that could lead to withdrawal.
SA0910-19 Brad Honious Financial Aid Explore the possibility of awarding high school students financial aid before we receive their final high transcript.
SA0910-20 Brad Honious Financial Aid Develop financial literacy programs and services and evaluate the participation and learning outcomes.

Angela Demahy, Celeste Henry, Melanie Price, Sally Witkamp

New Student Orientation Redesign the online New Student Orientation to increase student learning of the registration progress, the use of Atlas, and the education planning process.

Renee Simpson, Edwin Sanchez

Graduation and Records To increase the efficiency of the graduation review and convert student paper records into an electroinic scanned image.
SA0910-23 Jill Szentmiklosi Office for Students with Disabilities Provide faculty a resource guide that will inform them about Office for Students with Disabilities policies and procedures and assist in working with students with disabilities in their classrooms.
SA0910-24 Jill Szentmiklosi Office for Students with Disabilities Reduce the number of Banner forms being used to capture and track disability data by utilizing Banner student disability form SGADISA.

Cynthia Cerrato, Brenda Martinez,

Andrew Becker,

Jonathan Hernandez

Standardized Testing Ensure students are provided with all needed assessment-related information pertaining to the recent changes that affect their transitions into and out of the college.

Cynthia Cerrato, Ruby Raffo

Standardized Testing Strenthen the current partnerships with public high schools in Orange and Osceola counties and to improve the Expanded Postsecondary Readiness Assessment (EPRA) testing process at their sites.
SA0910-27 Chanda Torres Student Development Design an assessment plan for the Student Development Department that will effectively assess the five areas of Student Development.
SA0910-28 Chanda Torres Student Development Design curriculum for college-wide co-curricular programs that will include goals, outcomes and assessments.
SA0910-29 Nicole Schneller Career Pathways (Tech Prep) Evaluate outcome requirements for Perkins funding with consideration for new Career Pathways model and revise the end-of-year outcomes reporting to support Perkins grant outcomes.
SA0910-30 Jessica Morales Transition & Enrollment Services Create a Viewbook that will be part of our communication plan to prospective students interested in learning more about Valencia.
SA0910-31 Jessica Morales Transition & Enrollment Services Create a new Future Student tab that has better functionality and is more-user friendly.
SA0910-32 Elisha Gonzalez-Bonnewitz Horizon Scholars Program Program Growth: Add at least 15 new 7th graders to Horizon Scholars Program.
SA0910-33 Sonya Joseph Answer Center Managers Create an assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the newly implemented training manual.
SA0910-34 Liz Gangemi Atlas Information Systems Develop and refine the various training topics needed on Atlas and Banner for faculty, staff and students.