Departmental Unit Action Plans

2012-13 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

Index of Plans for 2012-2013
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DAP Leader Department Description
SA1213-01 Renee Simpson Admissions and Records Bachelors Program Processes: Continue to tweak policies, procedures and protocols associated with upper level certificates. (final)
SA1213-02 Renee Simpson Admissions and Records Support and implement new processes: Distance Learning/Financial Aid Transient Students; Degree Works, CAPP and Catalog, revision of MEP and Banner 9. (final)
SA1213-03 Renee Simpson Admissions and Records Admissions and Records Procedure Manual: Produce Department Procedures Manual. (final)
SA1213-04 Sonja Boles Admissions and Registration Admissions Processing: Perform a business process analysis of specific Admissions and Records documented procedures and practices. (not complete)

Cynthia Cerrato/

Erica Reese

Assessment/Standardized Testing Entry Test Preparation: Lead in the development of a mandatory pre-placement testing preparation system to support student success. (final)

Cynthia Cerrato/

Erica Reese

Assessment/Standardized Testing Partnership Building: Strengthen our collaborations with other campus-based units, both within Student Affairs and other areas of the college. (final)

Linda Vance/

Joe Sarrubbo

Atlas Access Labs Atlas Lab Expenses: Financial tracking of lab expenses throughout the year to focus on staying within our budget. (final)

Liz Gangemi/

Lisa Stilke

Atlas Information Systems Call Center Phone System: Assist with implementation of the new Aspect Phone System for Enrollment Services and Student Helpdesk. (final)
SA1213-09 Liz Gangemi Atlas Information Systems New MEP: Assist with the implementation of Degree Works as our new Student Educational Planning tool. (final)
SA1213-10 Tanisha Carter Bridges to Success Student Recruitment: Increase number of African American males served by Bridges to Success program. (final)
SA1213-11 Jill Szentmiklosi Career Centers - Collegewide Career Preparation: Promote resume and cover letter writing preparation for meaningful advisement to support LifeMap stage Graduation Transition. (final)
SA1213-12 Cheryl Robinson Career Program Advisors Expiring Catalog Process: Continue partnership with Graduation and Records to refine the system for expiring catalog years and moving students to a new catalog year. (final)
SA1213-13 Grace Acevedo College Transitions Partnership Building: Develop and maintain external and internal partnerships (Bridges, Career Pathways, Take Stock, HSF, SACAC, Girl Scouts, Orange County Adult Learners, etc.) to promote Valencia and increase number of prospect students, which will lead to an increase in enrollment. (final)
SA1213-14 Amy Kleeman College Transitions Enhance performance of College Transitions: Enhance and improve the performance of College Transitions units through internal and external partnerships; training; and process analysis/redesign to better serve Valencia and the community. (final)
SA1213-15 Amy Kleeman College Transitions Enhance and improve Enrollment Management: Enhance and improve the enrollment management process to better serve students and facilitate a more seamless, student-friendly experience that positively impacts enrollment goals. (final)

Linda Vance/

Joe Sarrubbo

Dean of Students EC Campus Partnerships: Focus on building a stronger relationship with our SLS team and the newly created Academic Success Department. (final)
SA1213-17 Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students OSC Campus Visibility: Promote department services through a variety of methods aimed to increase awareness of our services to campus faculty and staff outside of Student Services. (final)

Ty Johnson/

Linda Herlocker

Dean of Students WC Campus Partnerships: Establish academic department and program liaisons through assignment of student services staff for contacts and reporting. (final)
SA1213-19 Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students WPC Academic Probation Program: Increase number and percentage of students on academic probation maintaining current academic standing or returning to good standing. (final)
SA1213-20 Kiawania Heard Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment Processes: Refresh the Dual Enrollment program processes and procedures to further clarify and increase the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of communication with internal and external audiences. (final)

Derek Harris, LaToya Ward,

Amy Kleeman

Enrollment Services Call Center Systems: Improve experience through the implementation of Aspect and VortalSoft for prospect and current students calling into Valencia. (final)
SA1213-22 Chris Christensen Financial Aid Work Study Plan: Develop a comprehensive FWS plan to serve the best interests of FWS students and their supervisors. (final)
SA1213-23 Chris Christensen Financial Aid Default Aversion/Financial Literacy: Educate students for increased financial awareness and preparedness. (final)
SA1213-24 Ty Johnson / Linda Herlocker Dean of Students WC Campus Partnerships: Engage the department in support of the West Campus Plan (12-13) by developing and reinforcing campus partnerships with academic departments and other support areas. (final)


Edwin Sanchez Graduation and Records Course Articulation: Continue the work of improving the course articulation practices and procedures by creating better descriptors for students, staff and the college transcript. (final)
SA1213-26 Edwin Sanchez Graduation and Records Graduation Finale: Develop, implement and assess the new Graduation Information Sessions (aka GRAD FINALE). (final)
SA1213-27 Edwin Sanchez Graduation and Records Paperless Records: Remove physical records from Lektriever at West Campus by January 2013. Continue implementation of plan to become a paperless campus through use of BDMS. (final)
SA1213-28 Edwin Sanchez Graduation and Records Academic Suspension Process: Revamp the Academic Suspension process to improve communication and deletion of student schedules that have been placed on academic suspension. (final)
SA1313-29 Tyron Johnson International Student Services College-wide International Staff Training: Continue formal training for PDSO's (Principal Designated School Officials) and DSO's (Designated School Officials) working with international student admissions, enrollment and compliance to improve quality and performance through SEVIS and SEVP. (final)
SA1213-30 Debbie Larew Office for Students with Disabilities Academic Success: Improve the success of students with disabilities through increased outreach and training to Academic Affairs and students and families of students with disabilities. (final)
SA1213-31 Sonya Joseph Student Affairs Veterans Institute: Offer a Veterans Institute for Valencia faculty and staff. (final)
SA1213-32 Tracey Olsen-Oliver Student Development Collegewide Student Leadership Program Development: Develop a Student Leadership Program model that will encompass program learning outcomes, program components, assessment plan and co-curricular transcript. (final)
SA1213-33 Elisha Gonzalez Horizon Scholars Program New College Student Program: Provide a set of sequential college planning experiences for Valencia Volunteers students and mentors to provide transition support beginning in the junior year of high school and lasting into the freshman year of college.(final)
SA1213-34 Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students WPC Partner with Acadecic Affairs to conduct LifeMap and Student Services training to campus staff: Increase undestanding of the LifeMap system. (final)