Departmental Unit Action Plans

2013-14 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

Index of Plans for 2013-14
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SA1314-01 Renee Simpson Admissions and Records Provide the tools needed (formal training) to the supervisory staff to address legal and ethical concerns, establish systemic approaches to best practices, and enhance opportunities for building relationships.  
SA1314-02 Andy Oguntola Admissions and Records Create partnerships with other units in student services to deliver an improved understanding of Admissions and Registration processes.
SA1314-03 Erica Reese Assessment Coordinators To improve our systems to protect personally identifiable information.
SA1314-04 Erica Reese Assessment/Standardized Testing Leadership Team

To advance our student experience by improving our office work flow and communication with students.

SA1314-05 Erica Reese Assessment/Standardized Testing Leadership Team

To advance our student experience by improving our testing technologies.

SA1314-06 Joe Sarrubbo Atlas Access Lab Ensure ll Atlas Access Labs staff are knowledgeable and adequately trained: The Atlas Access Labs are the first point of contact on-campus for students who need to complete an education plan, check their email, or complete any other function within the Atlas portal.
SA1314-07 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems (Degree Works) Assist with the Implementation of Degree Works: The Atlas Information Systems team will assist with the implementation of Degree Works as the new Student Education Planning tool.
SA1314-08 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems (Luminis 5.1) Implement the upgrade from Luminis 4 to Luminis 5.1: The Atlas Information Systems team will partner with OIT and other constituents to implement the upgrade.
SA1314-09 Tanisha Bridges Bridges to Success Increase the number of African American males who are accepted into the program by working with the Transitions coordinators to visit the high schools, and reestablished partnerships with community organizations, and churches to spread the word to groups that serve the targeted population.
SA1314-10 Jill Szentmiklosi Career Centers

Create meta-major informational sheets to include academic course requirements/recommendations and career prospects. 

SA1314-11 Cheryl Robinson Career Program Advisors Create a strong Career Program Advisor team and support system: Get to know each other and feel comfortable reaching out to other team members for assistance as needed. This will help build depth of knowledge in the work as well as provide individual support for the Career Program Advisors.
SA1314-12 Amy Kleeman College Transition Programs Enhance and improve the enrollment management process to better serve students and facilitate a more seamless, student-friendly experience that positively impacts enrollment goals. 
SA1314-13 Amy Kleeman College Transition Programs Enhance and improve the performance of College Transitions units through internal and external partnerships; training; and process analysis/redesign to better serve Valencia and the community. 
SA1314-14 Linda Herlocker Dean of Students
Student Affairs Process Flow: Reeingeer the process flow of students through the student affairs divisions tol increase efficiency and effectiveness.
SA1314-15 Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students East

Evaluate current space needs on second floor of building 5: Make changes to better serve students on East Campus.

SA1314-16 Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Student Osceola

Move into newly designed and renovated space, increase capacity (staff and space), and implement software systems to serve students in a welcoming/personal, professional, and efficient manner. 

SA1314-17 Cheryl Robinson Dean of Students Winter Park Maintain designated populations of students on P2 through Black Board: Students in the probation 2 pilot will have their course load and GPAs compared to the non-pilot group college-wide. We will track academic standing at the end of each term to determine student success.
SA1314-18 Cheryl Robinson Dean of Student Winter Park Expand online chat to make it easier for students to find and increase usage: We will track chat usage for the time slots offered and move sessions to high demand time or offer service during regular student service hours.
SA1314-19 Kiawania Heard Dual Enrollment Refresh the Dual Enrollment program processes and procedures to further clarify and increase the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of communication with internal and external audiences or key stakeholders.

Monica Negron/

LaToya Ward

Enrollment Services

Improve student/caller experience received via telephone Aspect and VortalSoft for prospect and current students calling into Enrollment Services.

SA1314-21 Chris Christensen Financial Aid Create a comprehensive default management plan for the college.  Reduce student default and increase financial literacy of our student population.
SA1314-22 Chris Christensen Financial Aid Contribute to a College wide Veterans Services model.To consolidate services, funding, and activities for Veteran students.
SA1314-23 Edwin Sanchez Graduation and Records

Continue the work of improving the course articulation practices and procedures by creating better descriptors for students, staff and the college transcript.  

SA1314-24 Deb Larew Office for Students with Disabilities Increase retention and graduation of students registered with OSD: Building upon feedback from staff and faculty survey, the OSD strives to increase retention and graduation of students registered with the OSD through enhanced advising and targeted communication strategies.
SA1314-25 Cathy Penfold Navarro Pathways Title III

Increase efficiency and capability of student advising:

(target group: pre-nursing and business transfer students on West Campus)

SA1314-26 Sonya Joseph Student Affairs

Lead the Quality Enhancement Plan Co-Curricular Taskforce in piloting the Co-Curricular Certificate Program at the Lake Nona Campus.

SA1314-27 Sonya Joseph Student Affairs Develop and education plan using DegreeWorks software: Develop an plan that is useful to students and allows students to develop an accurate degree plan for any Valencia degree.
SA1314-28 Tracey Olsen-Oliver Student Development

Utilize Student Development’s four Core Components: Leadership, Education, Community Involvement, and Personal Engagement. Devise, develop, enhance and implement programs/activities/services that provide content and value to the educational experience and that support the QEP’s co-curricular engagement focus.

SA1314-29 Elisha Gonzelez Take Stock in Children Provide a set of sequential College Planning experiences for Orange County Take Stock in Children students to provide transition support beginning in the senior year of high school and lasting into their freshman  year of college.
SA1314-30 Niurka Ferrer Transition Planning Develop a comprehensive communication plan targeting 9th – 12th grade high school students that considers the student experience and needs as a whole as they transition from high school to college.