Departmental Unit Action Plans

2014-15 Student Affairs Planning and Evaluation Links

To comply with SACS Principles of Accreditation requirements, Comprehensive Standards 3.3.1, each Student Affairs department will design and implement an annual plan to improve student services and success.

3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes for its educational programs and its administrative and educational support services; assesses whether it achieves these outcomes; and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results.

The Index of Plans provided below includes an informational overview including a Department Action Plan (DAP) number, department of origin, campus, student affairs leader and a brief topical focus for each plan. By clicking on a Division Action Plan (DAP) number you will be linked to current planning and evaluation documents.

Index of Plans for 2014-15
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SA1415-01 Renee Simpson Admissions and Records Leadership team development
SA1415-02 Andy Oguntola Admissions and Records Admissions leadership
SA1415-03 Joe Sarrubbo Atlas Access Labs Atlas coordinator development
SA1415-04 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems Atlas upgrade
SA1415-05 Lisa Stilke Atlas Information Systems Degree works integration
SA1415-06 Reyna Rangel Admissions/Records Systems Admissions wesite redesign
SA1415-07 Tanisha Carter Bridges to Success AA Increase in male enrollment
SA1415-08 Evelyn Lora-Santos Career Center NSE online instruction


Amy Kleeman College Transitions Department enhancement
SA1415-10 Amy Kleeman College Transitions Improve enrollment process
SA1415-11 Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Student East Campus Group advising
SA1415-12 Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students Osceola Campus Group advising
SA1415-13 Linda Herlocker Dean of Students West Campus Group adivsing
SA1415-14 Joe Sarrubbo

Career Program Advisors

AS program videos
SA1415-15 Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students Winter Park Campus NSE Co-Curricular
SA1415-16 Jacquelyn Thompson

Enrollment Services

Quality Assurance Program
SA1415-17 Christen Christensen Financial Aid Veteran Student Plan
SA1415-20 Deb Larew Office for Students with Disability Standard Operating Procedure
SA1415-21 Edwin Sanchez Records and Graduation Transcript requests
SA1415-22 Edwin Sanchez Records and Graduation Student Records Training
SA1415-23 Edwin Sanchez Records and Graduation Records Office website
SA1415-24 Edwin Sanchez Records and Graduation Student Messages for Transcript Requests
SA1415-25 Erica Reese Standardized Testing Revise Student Induction Blackboard Course
SA1415-26 Erica Reese Standardized Testing Staff Training Materials
SA1415-27 Tracey Olsen-Oliver Student Development Partnerships for Co-Curricular Experiences
SA1415-28 Sonya Joseph Assistant Vice President Student Affairs Exempt students advising system
SA1415-29 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways Efficient Student Advising
SA1415-30 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways My educational plan improvement
SA1415-31 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways Increase advising access
SA1415-32 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways Mediated withdrawal process
SA1415-33 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways Faculty participation in advising
SA1415-34 Cathy Penfold Navarro Title III Pathways Improve advising systems
SA1415-35 Niurka Ferrer Transition Planning Strengthen community outreach
SA1415-36 Kia Heard Dual Enrollment Improve timely communication to all stakeholders