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The Basics
If you're looking for a way to survive college, take SLS 1122 Student Success. This course is designed to introduce you to college resources, help you map out your education plan, select a major when you're ready, set some goals for yourself and dust off those study skills so necessary for your success!

Besides that, you'll be able to connect with your peers and make some friends. Who says you need to go it alone?

You might want to take Student Success if:

  • You tend to be a procrastinator and you'd like to change your ways.
  • You got through high school without studying much and now college is looking scary.
  • You need to improve your skills in memory, test taking, or note taking.
  • You'd like to make better use of your 24/7…that is, become a time management whiz.
  • You have some doubts about your major or you're not sure what your next steps will be after life at Valencia.
  • You feel lost when you step on campus…so many resources, so little direction!
  • When people ask you what you want to be when you grow up, your answer is "Ummmm…still looking for good ideas."
  • You're in search of meaningful goals for yourself.

For additional information, please contact:

East Campus West Campus Osceola Campus

Leonard C. Bass, Ed.D.

Campus Dean for Learning Support, East Campus

Phone: 407.582.2745



Stacy Ramos, Adminstrative Assistant to the Campus Dean for Learning Support

Phone: 407.582.2823



Larry Herndon, Ed.D.

SLS Faculty Chair

Phone: 470.582.1040



Pat Lee, Administrative Assistant to Karen Reilly, Campus Dean for Learning Support

Phone: 407.582.1516


Phone: 407.582.1810






Landon Shephard, Ph.D.

Campus Dean of Learning Support, Osceola Campus

Phone: 321.582.4877



Leslie Leadbeater, Assistant to the Dean of Learning Support

Phone: 407-582-4915