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Arts and Humanities


The academic disciplines that constitute the Arts and Humanities arise from our need to create; search for life's meaning, and to understand the nature of beauty, fellowship, knowledge, creativity, and imagination. The Arts and Humanities Department of Valencia College-West supports the College's mission by providing general education courses and extracurricular opportunities focused on foreign languages, fine arts, humanities, and interdisciplinary studies.


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Bldg 5, Rm 146
407-582-5730 or 407-582-1300 // Fax: 407-582-5436
Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 5pm



Ana J. Caldero

Administrative Assistant to the Dean:
Amy Sorrough

Administrative Assistant to the Dean:
Natalie Sutton

Chair Pre-Major in Architecture:
Professor Allen Watters

Chair Foreign Languages:
Professor Joseph Menig

Chair Graphic & Interactive Design:
Professor Meg Curtiss

Chair Humanities:
Professor Lisa Cole

Chair Interdisciplinary Studies:
Dr. Travis Rodgers

Program Advisor AA Pre-Majors Architecture:
Mia Cancarevic

Career Program Advisor Graphic & Interactive Design
Genevieve Hall