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Design I

Design 1 is an introduction to the fundamentals of two- and three-dimensional design, principles of architectonics, and basic architectural design. Model making, drawing and rendering techniques are applied to projects that explore the conceptualization and communication of design ideas.

Design 1 Gallery


Design II

Design 2 is a focused study of two-dimensional design, including the primary elements of line, shape, color, value, balance, pattern, texture, and rhythm. Assigned projects will explore the application of space, scale, and proportion in basic architectural design.

Design 2 Gallery


Design III

Design 3 is a focused study of three-dimensional design, including the principles of architectonics and communication of design ideas. Issues of human use in relationship to program and function are considered in detail. Projects vary but often address residential or institutional programs and involve the integration of form, massing, structure, circulation, light and context.

Design 3 Gallery


Design IV

Design 4 addresses the issues of functional relationships, spatial composition, and site constraints, as well as selection and detailing of building materials. A sequence of design exercises and projects with a high degree of complexity explore the three-dimensional nature of architectural forms and spaces.

Design 4 Gallery


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Ana J. Caldero

Administrative Assistant to the Dean:
Amy Sorrough

Administrative Assistant to the Dean:
Lindsay Stephan

Chair Pre-Major in Architecture:
Professor Allen Watters

Program Advisor AA Pre-Majors Architecture:
Chia Rowe

Chair Foreign Languages:
Professor Joseph Menig

Chair Graphic & Interactive Design:
Professor Meg Curtiss

Career Program Advisor Graphic & Interactive Design
Genevieve Hall

Chair Humanities:
Professor Lisa Cole

Program Advisor Communication, Arts, and Humanities
Michael Reid

Chair Interdisciplinary Studies:
Dr. Travis Rodgers