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Computer Engineering Technology
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Engineering, Computer Programming, & Technology

Division Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of Valencia College, the Division of Engineering, Computer Programming, and Technology (ECPT) seeks to prepare students to perform competently in the fields of building construction, drafting and design, software development, information technology, engineering, and a variety of engineering technologies by providing high quality programs for Technical Certificates, Associate in Science Degrees, and Bachelor of Science Degrees.


To achieve the goals of this mission, we will:

  • Develop innovative instructional methods by dedicated faculty involved in the scholarship of teaching via new techniques for learning and assessment.
  • Teach students to apply the fundamentals of science, mathematics, and communications, as well as advanced technical concepts in specific technology fields.
  • Provide a foundation and opportunity for life-long learning and adaptation to a changing, sustainable world, with a continuing emphasis on open access and diversity in a global economy.
  • Provide students with professionally-delivered learning experiences that are appropriate and innovative.
  • Encourage students to develop a solid basis of professional and ethical standards.
  • Provide the experiences necessary for students to strengthen their analytical, critical, and reflective thinking and to develop their collaborative and communication skills.
  • Serve the community through education and service programs which utilize and showcase the unique talents of Valencia faculty, staff, and students.
  • Maintain close relationships with industry through active advisory committees and customized corporate training and education.
  • Provide a strong foundation upon which students may achieve additional educational goals.