Program Educational Outcomes

Evidence of success will be demonstrated as the Valencia College Nursing graduate’s ability to:

  • Foster open communication, mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient outcomes with respect to value, safety, preferences, needs, and diversity for patient family and multidisciplinary teams. (T, V, C, A).

  • Integrate clinical decision-making that demonstrates evidence- based practice, competent delivery of patient care, and coordination of multidisciplinary teams to achieve safe patient centered outcomes (T, V, C, A).

  • Utilize technology to communicate and promote coordination of information to mitigate errors, apply knowledge when managing resources, and facilitate safe patient care. (T, V, C, A).

  • Promote lifelong learning and professionalism through exploration of evidence-based practice and professional development. (T, V, C, A).

** Think (T), Value (V), Communicate (C), Act (A)