Course Coordinators
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Developmental Math I MAT 0018C Claudia Genovese-Martinez 5109
Developmental Math II MAT 0028C Claudia Genovese-Martinez 5109
Developmental Math Combined MAT 0022C Claudia Genovese-Martinez 5109
Intermediate Algebra MAT 1033C Melissa Giblin 1333
College Algebra MAC 1105 Amy Montague-Kincade 1150
Precalculus Algebra MAC 1140 Nathan Baker 1398
College Trigonometry MAC 1114 Jose Garcia 1056
Business Calculus MAC 2233 Julia Nudel 1991
Calculus I, II, and III MAC 2311, 12, and 13 Amy Comerford 1280
Differential Equations MAP 2302 Boris Nguyen 1649
College Mathematics MGF 1106 Scott Krise 1884
Liberal Arts Mathematics MGF 1107 Scott Krise 1884
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning STA1001C Roberta Carew 5605
Statistical Methods STA 2023 Lynn Howard 5629
Math for Elem Education Majors MAE 2801 Ryan Kasha 1475

* Each course coordinator makes recommendations to the department concerning textbook considerations and changes in course outlines, and keeps the written and electronic department course files current.  Course Coordinators are responsible for the review and revision of any department-wide tests.