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West Campus :: Academic Division Travel Funds

Principles and Guidelines


  • West Campus Academic Travel Funds are meant to promote employee performance and skill enhancement and to provide funding for West Campus full-time faculty, and for West Campus staff--career or professional--who work in an academic division that reports to the president of West Campus.
  • Each Campus receives a specific amount of money each year to be used by the campus to cover travel costs and related expenses for conference, workshops and related professional development. On West Campus, the campus president disperses this money through a committee of representatives from administration, faculty, and professional staff.


Listed below are guidelines the travel committee uses to award travel money.

  • The convention, conference, workshop, etc., must relate directly to applicant(s) assigned duties at Valencia and applicant(s) must have the approval of applicant(s) supervisor.
  • New requests are considered ahead of requests from applicants who received funding during the previous two cycles.
  • Preference is given to higher levels of participation (speakers or conference chairs).
  • Preference is given to requests that the travel committee considers to have high impact on personal, division, campus, and college goals.
  • Preference is given to requests for in-state travel.
  • In cases where multiple applicants wish to attend the same event, the travel committee will also consider:
    • The additional impact gained by multiple people attending the event.
    • The description of how what is learned at the event will be shared with others at the college.
    • Recommendation by division or campus administration.
    • The order in which the applications were received.
    • Do not use acronyms.


Requestors can be awarded a maximum of $1500.  If a requestor has personal SPD available, he/she must use it to pay registration fees.  If an awardee exceeds the $1500, she/he must cover the cost out of pocket unless special permission has been given. The goal of the cap is to balance adequate funding for individual trips and an equitable distribution of the travel money.

The travel committee monitors and reacts to the amount of money that comes available each year for travel. It also debates on a regular basis the merits of capping awards versus fully funding trips, taking into account feedback from the campus president and other groups as warranted.


Award emails are typically sent out to the employee receiving the award and their dean or immediate supervisor within a week of application deadlines.


Because the travel committee must sometimes reject worthy applications due to limited budgets, it expects awarded money to be used.

If you decide not to use your funding, you should inform your dean and the travel committee chairs as soon as possible.


Upon returning from your trip, you are encouraged to share information as appropriate with students and colleagues to increase the impact of your experience.


Academic Travel Fund Cycle (2018-19)

Note: After filling out the online form, print it, sign it, and send it to your dean or supervisor for an approval signature. Complete applications are due to the campus president's office by the end of the business day on the application deadline.

Cycle If you plan to travel during Application deadline Committee Meeting Budget awarded
1 7/1/18 to 10/26/18 5/27/18 Before 6/15/18 30%
2 10/27/2018 to 2/28/18 9/21/18 Before 10/5/18 35%
3 3/1/19 to 6/30/19 1/18/19 Before 2/1/19 35%



  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Print Form
  3. Obtain Signature from your Dean
  4. Sign Form
  5. Send electronically to Nathaly Munoz Iguaran at nmunoz8@valenciacollege.edu
  6. Make sure to name your electronic file with your name before sending it.

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