Word Processing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Word Processing Services?
Services are available for faculty and staff of Valencia.

Who is charged for the service?
Your departmental budget will be charged for services.

Which formats are acceptable for submitting materials to be printed?
Digital files and printed camera ready materials.

What are some typical projects that your service has produced?
Newsletters, flyers, letters, tests, test banks, labels, certificates, annual reports, quizzes, books, copies, book covers, transparencies, color scans, color laser copies to name a few projects.

Will I be provided an opportunity to proof the work prior to copying?
While we proof read all documents prepared, we encourage you to proof if you wish.

Can I submit my own work for copying?
Yes, please be sure it is "camera-ready"..

What special finishing services are available?
We can provide binding services and three-hole punch for your copy jobs.

What about color copies?
East Campus offers color laser prints @ .35 ea for limited quantities. Color copies can be obtained through Printing Services

Do you archive jobs for reprinting?
Yes, if file is prepared by the Word Processing Center.