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Downloadable Tutorials

Here are a few downloadable workshops, developed the CSSC Staff. Each of our downloadable tutorials is presented as a PowerPoint presentation. Enjoy!


  1. Download and open file
  2. Click "Slide Show"
  3. Click "From Beginning"

All PowerPoints are created by CSSC Staff

Types of Writing

Grammar Help

MLA Help

Everything You Need to Know About...

New! Writing a Narrative

Subject/Verb Agreement

An interactive PowerPoint

MLA Basics Tutorial

An interactive PowerPoint

Thesis Statements & Topic Sentences


Writing a Process Essay

An Interactive PowerPoint


An Interactive PowerPoint

Block Quoting Tutorial -

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Coming Soon!

Fragments 2

A Guide to Prevent Sentence Fragments

Incorporating Citations

Coming Soon!



A Guide to Prevent Run-On Sentences

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MLA and APA Help

Click here for an excellent resource provided by the Valencia College Library

Helpful Websites





Computer Skills

Study Skills

Competency Exams


Research and Documentation (Additional MLA and APA help)

Dictionaries and Thesauruses

All of the Above

College Admissions and Scholarship Essays