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Math Support Center

General Information

In Individualized Learning sections the course content is delivered to students via text materials, online materials, activities, projects and/or multimedia resources (Videos, CDs, DVDs etc.) only. This is so students may choose to spend additional (or less) time working on a particular topic before moving on based upon their understanding of the material. The instructor for this course serves as a resource to supplement the individual work and is available to answer questions during the scheduled class time.

Students are expected to be present during the scheduled class time and likely may desire to spend additional time on campus working on this course. It is possible to complete this course prior to the end of the term and begin working on a second (or third) course if time allows. [An additional fee is required if you complete multiple courses and desire them all to appear on your transcript. In many cases this is not necessary; see your instructor for details.]

If a student is unable to complete all the assignments for a course in a term, the student may re-register for the course in the next term and continue from that point. [An additional fee will apply and may affect any financial aid.]

This delivery format works well for students of all mathematical ability levels. It does not work well for students who have an external locus of control or tend to procrastinate. Please see the self-test to determine if this method of delivery is right for you.