Narrative Time Line

2012-2013 Budget Timeline

Date Actions
November 18th

Memo from Assistant Vice President for Budget and Auxiliary Services describing the current year budget process.

Begin 2012-2013 Budget Development System set up

November 30th

Budget Development System (BDS) available for online input of the 2012-2013 budget

Budget Development System (BDS) training begins

December/January Review with Sr. Staff vacant positions and new positions
January 18th Budget Development System working sessions

January 20th
Budget Office receives 2012-2013 individual department equipment needs from Sr. Staff prioritized
January 30th Deans provide the Budget Office the number of faculty participating in the Professional Development Plan and at what level ($750 or $1500)

Receive pay-out information from AVP of Academic Learning Support regarding Institutional Assessment goal

All paperwork for special lab fees should be submitted to Kim Adams for consideration at the February 8th Curriculum Committee meeting

February 1st Budget Office sends college-wide proritized equipment needs list to OIT and Facilities for review
February 20th

Departments complete online budget entry

BDS is locked, no online entry except for Budget Office

Submit to Budget Office suplemental funding requests using the Supplemental Budget Request Form

Submit to Budget Office Overload/Adjunct forms

Budget Development System working session

Open, vacant, temporary 4 month and 8 month position analysis mailed to each Vice President

OIT and Facilities comments/recommendations of the 2012-2013 prioritized equipment needs list is received in the Budget Office

February 27th

Scenarios regarding pay increases due to HR and Budget Office

Prioritized equipment list is shared with Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Assistant Vice President for Resource Development and Assistant Vice President for Workforce Development for any grant opportunities or special funding that may be available

March 16th
Vice Presidents send confirmation to Human Resources and Budget Office regarding the analysis of open, vacant, temporary, 4 month and 8 month positions to be included in the 2012-2013 operating budget
March 19th OIT to submit Out-of-Cycle Emergency computer list to Budget Office
April 2nd

Human Resources complete Salary Modeling and submit to the Budget Office

Human Resources to report on exact number of positions included in the Salary Modeling

Budget Office to send Colegewide Equipment needs list to Sr. Staff for review before the COC meeting

April 11th Budget Office meets COC to prioritize Collegewide Equipment needs list
April 16th Library to submit budget by FTE for Books index
April 17th Budget Office meets with Sr. Staff to discuss priorities and make any needed adjustments
April 23rd District Board of Trustees budget meetings begin
April 26th

CPC to forward approved 2012-2013 SBI information to Budget Office

SPD budget allocation recommendations submitted to Budget Office

May 1st Budget Office meets with Sr. Staff to further refine budget recommendations before submission to President
May 10th Budget Office presents collegewide budget recommendation to the President for review
May 14th Communicate tuition fees for the 2012-2013 fiscal year (Business Office, CJI, Course Catalog)
May 15th District Board of Trustees develop Board Budget Principles
May 28th

Budget Office presents recommendation to College Planning Council

Salary schedule completed and sent to the Budget Office for incorporation into the College Operating Budget package

June 1st College Operating Budget package due for inclusion in Board package
June 19th Present budget recommendation to the District Board of Trustees for approval
June 22nd Budget Office and OIT Programmer to load 2012-2013 budget into Banner
June 26th Roll 2012-2013 positions
June 29th Budget document submitted to the Florida College System