Council Officers' Coordination Team

The Council Officers' Coordination Team (COCT) oversees collaborative work teams commissioned by the governance councils. The team will assess and assign new work for consideration by a particular council and ensure that work is not being addressed by multiple councils at once. An annual planning retreat will be scheduled by this team for all members of the three governance councils, where new members are trained, revisions to the new governance system are determined and the agenda for the year is planned.


Council Officers 2021-22

Kathleen Plinske
College President
Chair, Council Officers' Coordination Team

Kari Makepeace
College-wide Governance

Isis Artze-Vega
VP of Academic Affairs
Co-Chair, Learning Council

Patrick Bartee
Professor of Speech, West Campus
Past-President of the Valencia College-Wide Faculty Association
Co-Chair, Learning Council 2021-22

Amy Bosley
VP of Organizational Development / HR
Co-Chair, Leadership Forum 2021-23

Joe Richardson
VP of Student Affairs
Co-Chair, Leadership Forum 2020-22

Loren Bender
VP of Business Operations & Finance
Co-Chair, Leadership Forum 2019-21

Brandon McKelvey
VP of Analytics and Planning

Katie Tagye
Director, Organizational Design & Development

Michael Robbins
Professor of English, Poinciana Campus
President of the Valencia College-wide Faculty Association
Chair of Faculty Council 2021-22

Doreen Watson
Professor of Sociology, West Campus
Vice President of the Valencia College-wide Faculty Association
Co-Chair of Faculty Council 2021-22


Past Council Officers'

2020-21: Stanton Reed, Professor, Business/Accounting
2019-20: John Niss, Professor, Mathematics
2018-19: Al Groccia, Professor, Mathematics
2018-19: Joan Tiller, VP, Academic Affairs
2017-18: Neal Phillips, Professor, English
2017-18: Susan Ledlow, VP, Academic Affairs & Planning
2016-17: Suzette Dohany, Professor, Speech
2015-16: Carl Creasman, Professor, History


Work Proposals