Instructional Affairs Committee Membership Roster

Member Representation/Campus/Division Campus
Jennifer Snyder Dean Chair/ EAC Science East
Terry Allcorn Vice Chair/ WEC Business & Hospitality West
John Niss Faculty Association President Winter Park
Adrienne Mathews Interim Dean, Behavioral & Social Science West
Alex Erdmann Dean, School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts Downtown
Ana Caldero Figueroa Dean, Arts and Humanities West
Anitza San Miguel Dean, Science Osceola
Barb Ake Dean, School of Nursing West
TBA Dean of Students West
Bob Gessner Dean, Science West
Carin Gordon Dean, Business IT & Public Services East
David Sutton Dean, Humanities and Foreign Languages East
Elizabeth Renn Dean, Communications West
Eugene Jones Executive Dean, Downtown Campus Downtown
James McDonald Dean, Career and Technical Programs Osceola
Jeff Goltz Executive Dean, School of Public Safety School of Public Safety
Jenni Campbell Dean, Communications Osceola
Jennifer Robertson Executive Dean, Poinciana Campus Poinciana
Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students Osceola
Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students East
Karen Reilly Dean, Learning Support West
Keri Siler Dean, Mathematics East
Landon Shephard Dean, Learning Support Osceola
Leonard Bass Dean, Learning Support East
Linda Neal Dean, Communications East
Marie Vasquez-Brooks Dean, School of Allied Health West
Mark Collins Dean, Social Science & Physical Education East
Marlene Temes Interim Dean, Humanities Osceola
Melissa Pedone Executive Dean, Osceola Osceola
Michelle Foster Dean, Academic Affairs East
Mike Bosley Executive Dean, Lake Nona Lake Nona
Molly McIntire Dean, Academic Affairs West
Nichole Segarra Dean, Mathematics Osceola
Paul Blankenship Dean, Mathematics West
Paul Wilder Dean, Engineering, Computer Programming & Technology West
Scott Creamer Interim Dean, Social Sciences Osceola
Terri Daniels Executive Dean, Winter Park Winter Park
Wendy Givoglu Dean, School of Arts and Entertainment East